Stellar Carbine/Pistol Rigs

Over the years many carbines (short rifles) have been cut down below the BATF regulation of 16" barrel & 26" overall to create a pistol version of the same gun. Chuck Connors made it famous first in The Rifleman and Iver Johnson did it again with the M-1 .30 Carbine and called it the "Enforcer" produced in a G.I. Paratrooper stock design that did not have a folding shoulder piece. Universal nearly copied it but never was as desired to collectors because most G.I parts didn't work. Later there were versions of the AR-15 and others to many to count. Today we have an awesome product made right here in the USA from Kel-Tec called the PLR (Pistol Long Range) in .556 NATO (.223 Rem). Since the AR-15 is so popular among Americans, it was only suiting to allow the PLR to accept AR mags. While some of the carbine power is lost in the shorter barrel, the high power cartridge and high capacity magazines make it ideal for close quarters tactical applications and easier to conceal than the full sized version. These weapons are very popular among personal protection agencies and private body guards. We Americans love the "more bang for your buck" way of life.

Both the PLR and Enforcer qualify as "true" pistols because they both are only as long as the distance from grip to muzzle"

The Kel Tec "Basic PLR" without any accessories:

The PLR "Dressed up" with factory accessories

Sling attachment & sling on the rear grip, Shell Deflector. Full Length Hand Guard with Picatiny Rail on bottom and Flash Suppressor

The "Basic Enforcer" without any accessories or customizing:

The "Custom Enforcer" shown with 5 round mag, a 10 round mag, a 15 round mag and two thirty rounders duct taped together

This was customized by cutting down a G.I. Issue stock rounded and shaped on a belt sander then milled under the tip to add a Picatiny Rail on bottom

Concealing the "Cut Down Carbine"

Concealing these giant pistols requires care and planning. They are not just big pistols. They are short versions of the carbines which are more bulky than any other pistol and harder to hide on your body. Sure it's easier to shove an enforcer down your pants than an M-1 but neither is practical for real life. Our custom rigs for long guns hide shotguns and Bull-pups very well. Hiding a much shorter weapon can be done in a safe and easy to deploy manner as well. Notice how the shorter (5 rnd) mags on the Enforcer look less likely to print than the ten - even with the M-6 Lazer/Light

About the only place thin, heavy, tall and short people all have as an "empty area" is below the arm pit. Loose coats or jackets can make big revolvers or even bigger cut down carbines a natural spot to place a well executed carry rig. "Well executed" means low print and follows natural lines of the body. Everyone remembers "Dirty Harry" with his big S&W .44 Magnum and the vertical shoulder holster he used. The same is applied here with great care for minimal print.

Wearing a heavy raincoat may not be as "concealing" as you might think - if it's a solid color. A silk Hawaiian shirt with a broken pattern of color and contrast will hide even bulky items better

The "Standard Model" is $120

It is made in black Kydex and black webbing for the standard factory PLR or Iver Johnson Enforcer. These rigs all allow devices to "quick attach" to the lower picatiny rail but not the upper rail. All PLR models can be molded to include the Flash suppressor, sling on the rear grip and Shell Deflector. If you have the Handguard, order the "Handguard Model." These rigs have a build in belt loop behind the weapon and a sewn flat belt loop at the belt end of the nylon webbing. The rig has three adjustment buckles with a triangular fulcrom between them as shown here. Standard rigs ship within a week of ordering online.

You can also have this rig customized to suit your needs. Rubber Belt Loops that unsnap from rig (on left) are $15. A snap is a snap and will "unsnap" when pressured. Various webbing termination points are avail;able as well. From right to left; Standard sewn flat nylon end (included in basic unit), Swivel snap (to belt loop) $6 (shown with standard adjustment buckle - three included with basic unit), Quick Release Buckle $15 when unbuckled the female stays on the belt and the male is fixed to the gun rig. Also shown here is a "jam-lever buckle" $9 for quick adjustment in length of webbing. This "jam-lever buckle" replaces one of the three adjustments on the rig. The other two are on the other side of the triangular fulcrom. Olive Kydex (as shown) and black webbing is $12 more.

Custom rigs ship witin 3 weeks of ordering online. Belt / Concealment Combo Rigs are custom shop orders and ship within 5 weeks of payment.

Convertible rigs come with two quick release buckles (under the arm) and a 2" belt Rig for $225

The standard convertible rig is in black Kydex and black webbing. Olive Kydex (as shown) and Olive Drab webbing is $21 more. They are very comfortable for sidearm carry and allow just about enough flexibility to drive a Jeep or ATV.

These are Custom Rigs; not "one size fits all" so orders are handled in advance (by check).s

Okay What's in the Bag?

(A "do-it-yourselfer" project)

What good is all this firepower if you are only gonna have a mag or two as a spare? If you are employed to protect someone you better not run out of bullets when a firefight starts. The bad guys brought lots and lots of them to take you down. The PLR comes with a standard 10 round magazine - then what? Although the bag shown here has a strap that's too short; it carries all the necessities. I prefer subtle padded camera bags with a hard bottom to disguise the weight of it's cargo. Here I have six 30 round mags Duct Taped together with black Duct Tape. Under neath that is one 10 round and one 15 round magazine and four boxes of ammo. In a side compartment I store the StreamLight Tactical M-6 Lazer/Light. In the webbed cover are shooting glasses (that look like sunglasses) and flesh toned "sonic ear plugs" that allow you to hear normal sound but cut out gunfire - and both of these weaponsd are REALLY LOUD!

So when you're ready to look like a tourist but ready to defend your client; you may look like this guy.

Add a Tuf Cloth to your order for only $8.97 ($9.99 for Marine Grade)

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