The "Warrior Rig."

This rig is combination of shoulder holster, dual mag pouch and knife rig. Our goal in this concealment item is three fold:

1. It has to conceal completely under a light leather vest.

2. It has to offer quick and safe presentation of both weapons and offer fast and easy access to the magazines

3. It has to be comfortable enough to wear all day with out annoying discomforts of any kind - including weight distribution.


In order to make this a fair representation of our ability to conceal your weapons, we used a stainless steel Colt Commander in .45 caliber and a very large Bowie knife - The Rambo III (a 16" knife) on a "average sized" model of 5'7"!

We used our standard shoulder rig for the gun holster and dual mag pouches Stellar formed to tilt the pistol and mags close to the body with 2" of Neoprene (the stuff used in scuba suits) to ease the weight of the pistol.

Keeping with our goal of weight distribution, we changed the standard "figure 8" loop in this case to assist in moving the big & heavy Rambo III knife to an angle above the belt line. In most of our warrior rigs this is not necessary because the knife is short enough (or/and the user is tall enough) to hang the knife straight down between the shoulders as a divider.

The whole rig is comfortable, concealable and offers quick and safe presentation of both weapons. In addition, both weapons can be "reholstered" one handed.

Shoulder Holster w/dual mag &Knife ....................... $165.00


Smaller knives can be mounted behind mag pouches by changing the mag draw to horizontal - same price

(Rekat Hobbit in reverse grip RH draw Saber Grip LH draw shown above)

Not Sold Separately

Add a tuff Cloth to your order for only $8.97

Marine Grade $9.99

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