\ IWB Quick Draw behind back holster

"Behind the Back" Quick-Draw Holster

For all those of you that appreciate the "near invisibility" of carrying your handgun in the small of your back but feel helpless to draw it effectively while seated - here is the Stellar Solution. As with many of my clients, I asked Jim to bring his old holster with him so I could understand what he hoped to achieve with a Stellar Custom Kydex Solution. His old holster shown here was designed to allow the user a nearly vertical draw.

Jim discovered that by twisting his holster forward he could manage a draw while seated.

Because the holster was not designed to be worn this way, his very movements would reposition the holster back to the vertical draw. You might notice this leather holster has no retaining straps or snaps. The pistol actually fell out onto the pavement as Jim exited his car on a recent trip out of town. By custom fitting a Kydex holster right to the pistol, that kind of embarrassment will not be repeated.

The new holster not only allows the weapon to be drawn while seated, but is actually smaller and more comfortable to wear!

(double click on this movie for a demonstration)

I.W.B. Behind the Back


Of course this project would not be complete until we had fitted Jim with a magazine pouch designed to accept both the tall and short Glock mags.

Photos by: Andre M. Dall'au

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