The "Pocket Buddy" Money clip system (formerly known as the "Pocket Pal")

Although not gun related, this little item has a place in our "everyday life."

Stellar Knife sells a lot of multi-tools. The most popular, suprising enough, is the "micro- sized" mini-tools. More guys that work in offices seem to carry them than you might imagine. The problem is the sharp edges and other objects in their pockets. A client bought a Leatherman Micra from us at a gun show and came back several weeks later with the problem:

He wanted to keep his very beautiful Fisher space pen from getting all scratched up on his Leatherman Micra and other objects floating around in his pocket.

Stellar Solution:

I suggested a "holster" for the pen and Leatherman as a combination. I was so pleased with this really neat pen (they even write upside down), that I made a unit up for myself. My choice of mini-multi-tools is the Buck because it is more versitile and (if ever broken) is guaranteed for life.

I keep all my credit cards with my calendar and Palm computer. For cash, I simply use a money clip instead of a wallet. This is more to my liking and the only problem is keeping the cash from looking crumpled from time to time. money is about 6" long (3" folded). Nobodtymakes a clip that wide. As an additional "plus," I solved the "dog-eared" money problem associated with the money clip.

And - to keep your cash from getting "dog-eared," it's 3" wide!

This solves all three issues and proves a scratch free, comfortable home for the Bullet Pen and Mini-Buck tool.

The Breakdown:

Mini-BuckTool or Leatherman Micra Pocket Buddy $30 (empty-items sold separately)

Leatherman Mini-Tool Pocket Buddy $36 (empty-items sold separately)


Leatherman Micra $30

(Now in Red, Blue or Green)


Leatherman Mini-Tool $42


Fisher Bullet Pen $21


Pocket Buddy Triple - Multi-tool/Bullet Pen/Money Clip (shown) $30 (empty-items sold separately)

Pocket Buddy Double - Bullet Pen/Money Clip $24 (empty-items sold separately)

Bullet Pen/Belt Clip $18

$10 off total price when purchacing pen/mini-tool/Pocket Buddy !

In stock and ready to ship!

All Photos by:

Andre M. Dall'au

Add a Tuf Cloth to your order for only $8.99 ($9.99 for Marine Grade)

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