The Stellar Maximum Mag Pouches

These rigs are for all those guys that want more magazines "per inch" on the belt than previously possible. Let's face it, Traditional single and double mag pouches (with bullets pointing forward) are the "norm." Traditional single mag pouches are usually about 2.5" wide. Wow! to get six individual mags on your belt, you're gonna have to reach from your buckle to your spine. Most double mag pouches are atleast 4" or so wide. Ours, shown below, have no rivets or eyelets on either side and they still measure right at 4 inches of "belt space."

Traditional double Mag pouches are usually wider than 4 inches across so six magazines would be over 12 inches of belt. By turning the magazines perpendicular from the belt (bullets out) we can get three magazines in the about same amount of belt as a "traditional" double pouch. The Stellar mag pouches have tension adjustments for friction.

For Law Enforcement that means one more mag on an already overcrowded belt "for free." For pistol shooting sports competitors, this puts the mags in the right place instead of all over your belt. If you are tracking along with the math here; six magazines in about 8 or so inches! If that's not enough, our quad (four) mag pouch is only 5.55 inches wide.

That translate to about eight mags in about 11 inches. As for the width being comfortable and flexible; we use Blade Tech Tec-Loc and duty belt loops for a small print on the back. This allows you to move freely with the belt flexing between the pouches.

The pouches are low enough in front to allow smaller mags the same opportunity as the longer ones. The ParaOrdnance P-10 mags will work as well as the P-14 Mags shown in these images. Likewise, the Glock 26/27 mag pouches will accommodate the 19/23 and 17/22 or even the 34/35. The Glock 30 and Glock 21 use the same pouches In addition to the ParaOrdnance and Glock pouches we also stock the H&K USP 40 and USP 45 triple Mag pouches.

All Stellar products are hand crafted, come in black, and have a satisfaction Guarantee.

In the case of H&K USP and similar mags; we build in some "relief" for the tab on the front of the mag so that plastic mags don't get worn down and the metal ones don't cut into the Kydex..

We hand tune each mag pouch to work effectively with your magazines.

Double (traditional mag pouches) $45

Triple Mag Pouches $63

Quad Magazine pouches for ParaOrdmance $84

Also available in Beige, Olive Drab or the sexy Carbon Fiber Laminate

MecGar P-14/45 Nickel Mags shown above in the Carbon Fiber Laminate Quad and Black Triple

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