Stellar Shotgun Concealment Rig

When we started this project we were asked to develop a carry system for "pistol-gripped" long guns. As a defensive or offensive long gun goes, the Ithaca 37 with it's slam fire feature was about as much firepower anyone could ask for in a "carry gun."

The first goal is concealment. With the federal standard of 26" minimum length, we knew we were dealing with "arm-pit-to-knee" scenarios. We made the mounting panel and quick release buckle so that the weapons muzzle would track with the movement of the leg and hug the thigh. This made the "print" almost invisible.

To counterbalance the long gun, we built in a shoulder holster for our laser sighted Combat Commander and a ten round bandoleer under the left arm.

Primary weapon deployment was easy as one




and fire!

Our Shotgun concealment rigs are built on your weapons. Your Shotgun and your backup pistol are used for a truly custom fitted rig!

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Photos by: Andre M. Dall'au


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