Surefire 6P Quck-Mount for Tactical Shotgun

The Challenge: Many of our clients are law enforcement officers on a tight budget. So often lawmen ask if they can have a custom holster made up - on their day off! For the guy that only owns one handgun for on and off duty, he probably cannot buy a tactical Surefire forend for $189. After all, he only really needs it at night - sometimes. The advantages of the Surefire light for faster target acquisition and the "shock effect" that the brilliant light has on your suspect creates a safety factor and a real need.

The Solution: A Stellar kit that allows quick and secure mount to the shotgun without having to undo screws or clamps and back off again.


This light can be mounted close enough to your forend to allow you to use the momentary switch on the 6P tail cap. Or, just screw it to the on position for "continuous on."

Because the 6P is designed for hand held use, it has no integral shock absobsion to protect a brightly burning bulb. We supply the same Surefire® special recoil absorbing bezel that Surefire builds into their famous shotgun forends. Then we supply the custom fitted Stellar Kydex mount to mount under your barrel magazine tube clamp. We can even supply a belt holster for personal carry!

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Stellar Quck-Mount Tactical Shotgun for the Surefire 6P -------------- $30 + $6 S&H = $36*

Surefire ® special recoil isolating bezel ---------------------------- $21.99 + $6 S&H = $27.99

Barrel Clamp (specify make/model shotgun) ----------------------------- $6.99 + $3 S&H = $9.99*

Vertical 6P Belt Holster ----------------------------- $16.99 + $5 S&H = $21.99

Vertical 6P Belt Holster larger to accomodate the Z-32 shock isolated bezel ----------------------------- $16.99 + $5 S&H = $21.99

Entire Kit (with everything above) ----------------------------------- $69.00 + $9 S&H = $78*

* Custom order. Not all weapons mount the same. Email us for details.


Photos by: Andre M. Dall'au

We are not Surefire® dealers. We endorse and recommend the product line.

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