Stellar Neck Chain Rigs


As Jessica points out; Concealment this easy is always in fashion

North American and Freedom Arms 22 LR and the 22 Magnum "Mini-Revolvers"

This is our most popular concealment rig to date. Simple in design. This little holster keeps your North American or Freedom Arms 22 LR and the 22 Magnum "Mini-Revolvers" hanging securely in a nearly horizontal angle under your shirt or blouse ready for action!

The famous "Stellar Kydex lock" eliminates the need for straps or snaps. You simply grasp the grip and yank down and out of the holster. In a true "life or death" situation; the gun can even be fired from under the shirt. The precise shape of the gun holds it in place in our custom fitted rig. To re-holster, simply snap the weapon back in. Draw after draw, year after year; always the same smooth and reliable deployment. Truly Stellar performance.


The Original Ambidextrous (same "print" on both sides) Standard Neck Chain Holster (above) - 22LR or 22 Magnum with 30" Stainless Steel BallChain. We like to call this one the "Spartan"



Our new, more streamlined "Deluxe" Model (above). We like to call this model the "Dart." Available in 22LR or 22 Magnum with 30" Stainless Steel Ball Chain. This new model smoothes out any chance of snagging on your clothing and guards the hammer as well as trigger from your clothing. The standard (Spartan) model usually encloses but doesn't always cover the hammer spur. The 1 1/18" 22 Magnum Deluxe model will fit on the new NAA 1 1/8" "Pug." We also offer a Dart model for all 3 (22 LR, 22 Mag 1 5/8" barrel and the 22 Mag with 1 1/8" barrel or Pug) "Minis" equipped with the Laserlyte Lasers! This includes their very latest addition - "V-GRIP LASERS!" Not only does this Rig accomodate the Laser; it protects it from every day life





Our newest ambidextrous Neck Chain Rig is tailored to the Cobra Enterprises Standard Bore and Big Bore Derringers with a 33" Stainless Steel Ball Chain. This model fully encloses the hammer and hammer spur as well as guarding the trigger from catching on your clothing. The Cobra Derringers have a "half cock safety" that is made even safer by protecting the hammer. We have had many requests over the years for this type of rig. What made the Cobras worthy of this project are the same reasons they are so popular. The Cobras offer an updated modern design engineered with lightweight materials in an affordable package. The Standard Bore is in 22 LR, 22 Magnum, .25 acp and .32 acp. The Big Bores are in 22 Magnum, 32 H&R Mag, .38 Special and 9mm


Kel-Tec P32-3AT first generation horizontal carry

Kel-Tec P32-3AT second generation horizontal carry

Ruger LCP

Neck Chain Holster - Ambidextrous (same "print" on both sides) with 36" Stainless Steel BallChain


No longer does that Crimson Trace or LaserMax laser stand between you and our very popular Neck Rigs

The Ruger LCP Model E is a perfect fit in the P-32/3AT second generation horizontal carry. We now offer the same model at the same price to accomodate the Crimson Trace or LaserMax Laser

Neck Chain Holster - Ambidextrous (same "print" on both sides) with 36" Stainless Steel BallChain


The Kel-Tec neck chain concealment rigs were developed originally for LEOs to carry the back up gun under their vests. Over time a number of "civilian requests" had us make a vertical version for better concealment. Now comes the "Extreme Duty" evolution. The most popular question by phone or email is "how well does it hold?" Our standard answer is "fine for cruising around in you car or walking but not well enough to jump out of helicopters or off fences - is that what you want to do?" The answer is usually no - but just in case.

We are now making "Extreme Duty" versions in Black for $60.99 and the sexy carbon fiber laminate for $78.99 and they hang on almost as well as the NAA mini-revolver models. In fact, You nearly have to "force load" them. Yeah, they hang on good!

Kel-Tec PF-9 horizontal carry $60.99

Available for horizontal carry only.

Kel-Tec P32-3AT first generation Vertictal carry

Kel-Tec P32-3AT second generation Vertictal carry

Neck Chain Holster - Ambidextrous (same "print" on both sides) with 30" Stainless Steel BallChain border="0"

Due to the popularity of this model we drill a second set of holes on the spine of this holster so it may also be carried horizontally as well. To reconfigure this holster you need a 36" Stainless Steel Ball Chain (available on the order page)


We also make a line of "self deploying" folding knife neck chain rigs. The selection is listed on the order page!

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Andre M. Dall'au

Add a Tuf Cloth to your order for only $8.99 ($9.99 for Marine Grade)

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