M-11 .380 holsters and accessories


Of all the Macs, the M-11 .380 in "open bolt" format (shown on this site) and it's SMG counterpart are all time favorites for daily carry. It was created for military use in situations where a soldier had to carry a side arm but needed the ability to go to full-auto. The Mac 10s in 9mm and 45 were much bigger and heavier and not likely to be carried by sea-bees or other crews that need to work with their hands but needed more than a 1911 when things went hostile. In SMG configuration, the M-11 .380 boasts 1875 rpm. That is the fasted of all the SMGs and a lot of firepower for a .380. We port the little barrel to accomodate that kind of "climb."

A lotta port for a lotta RPMs!


The magazines weigh 1/3 less than the 9mm and 1/4 of the .45 cal mags. A soldier could carry a M-11 and 4 or 5 mags and have more agility than a soldier with a 1911 and an M-1 (or M-2) carbine - without the bulk.

The size of the M-11s is only slightly larger than a 1911. Because they are so "sqaure," they are not the most confortable weapon to jam in your pants. A good holster that will stay open, offer quick safe presentation and reuire no straps or snaps to secure the weapon is the ticket. A custom made rigid Kydex or Concealex holster is currently not available. In fact, the hanger (for strap on all SMGs and most open bolts) is wider than the upper reciever itself. That makes a hard holster like Kydex or Concealex nearly impossible. It would also makes a leather or nylon holster drag until the hanger clears.



All holsters must be accompanied with Custom 1.25" Hanger or your M-11 must not have a hanger.

The Stellar M-11 holsters have a built in channel to protect your bolt cocking lever from dangerous snags.


Belt or I.W.B (In Waistband) $90

Belt Holster $72


S.O.B. (small of back) $90

S.O.B. with protective Laser shroud $108

Concealment Shoulder Rig

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Andre M. Dall'au

Add a Tuf Cloth to your order for only $8.99 ($9.99 for Marine Grade)

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