Mac 10 and 11 Custom Made Concealment rigs

We were commissioned to build this carry rig. Due to the popularity of the Mac open bolts and SMGs, we offer it to private security agencies, Law enforcement and their personnel.


1) Light weight rig to carry a M-11 .380 open bolt or SMG concealed

2) Quick and safe acquisition

3) Weapon must hang freely without the use of a holster to allow hands free carry

4) At least three Hi-Cap mags on board

5) Quck Release of the weapon


The Solution:

Using Nylon webbing and ultra light nylon fabric, we have created a flexible, comfortable and balanced rig that will conceal under even a leather vest (with forward hanger strap removed). The Mac 10s are a little bigger and may require more cloting to cover them

Fully loaded, the M-11 (with a 32 round magazine) weighs 67.5 ounces and the triple magazine pouch weighs 72 ounces . For the most compact carry, we offer a double mag pouch version to balance with a 12 round mag in the pistol. In this case the Mac (at 48.5 ounces) and the pouch weigh 48 ounces. A nice balance for all day comfort. Most folks prefer the 12 round carry and three mag pouch. That's a 72 ounce pouch and 48.5 pistol. The 23.5 ounces difference is just enough to keep the mac in your armpit until you need it.

To bring the weapon into service; simply grasp the pistol grip and rotate it up! No complicated swivels or heavy leather gear is required for the tiny M-11 .380 !

Even reloading is as easy as ripping the velcro tab open and catching the new mag as it slides down and out.

If you need a more professional appearance; you will never feel better dressed than when you're wearing this rig under your suit jacket!

Three Magazine Pouch (standard) rig $90

Two Magazine Pouch (compact) rig $60

Photos by: Andre M. Dall'au

Holsters and other M-11 Accessories


Add a Tuf Cloth to your order for only $8.99 ($9.99 for Marine Grade)

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